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In which an explanation is proffered..

December 18, 2017

Dear friends


Seasonal greetings to you all!


Let’s get this out of the way straight away. We’ve noticed some understandable exasperation with the time it is taking us to finish the album and whilst we sincerely apologise for the time dragging on we assure you all that progress is being made and we’re definitely entering the end game now.


If I can explain the circumstances it may serve to allay some of the frustration.


We try, always, to create our music collaboratively. As a team. We try not to have a single author of the songs but try to create them organically. Where a song is written as a piece by one person then we let each member of the band work with it and make their own mark on it and we do this together wherever possible, as a group.


This approach is, it has to be said, not the most efficient. In fact given our circumstances (more on that in a minute) it is wildly, laughably inefficient. What it does do, though, is allow each member of the band to express themselves, to add their own personality to the music and to absolutely own the final piece. It also creates music that one person alone could not create.


It is sometimes impossible to work this way (more on that in a minute, too) but we do our damnedest to make it happen.


This has been the guiding philosophy of the band ever since we got together and whilst it might sound pretentious for a “part time band” to have a guiding philosophy we are only part time because we have to be. That’s what circumstances dictate.


In all other respects we take our music as seriously as any full time musician or band or artist would. If anything because we don’t make any money, we don’t get to tour, we don’t even get the pleasure of doing a gig and getting audience response all we have is the music we make and it is very, very important for us that we get it right. 


Laughably inefficient as it is it is what makes our music.



Apart from a period a few months ago where our lives seemed to be less busy we really struggle to all be available for recording together more than 2 or 3 hours a week. In the last couple of months it has been barely any hours a week although in this time we have been pushing on individually where possible.


One of our number in particular has a job which takes him all over the country and although he does his utmost it is simply not possible for him to be anywhere near the studio sometimes for weeks at a time.


Another real killer is that one of us has moved to Malawi and is teaching in a school there. Yeah, really! Luckily Aiden, for it is he, managed to get all his guitar parts recorded before he went and while that has been a unavoidable adjustment to our all-in-it-together workflow we bear him very much in mind when we are recording.


The nature of recording, particularly if you are using the recording process to create the song rather than just record the song, is that in order to make good progress it really helps to have a few weeks blocked out  and to concentrate solely on your project. Anything other than that can leave you spending more time on setting up and familiarising yourself with what you’ve done than actually getting tracks down. 


We don’t have that luxury. We make do with the time we have and while that means sometimes we can go a couple of weeks without getting anything meaningful down taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back because we are consistently devoting our free time to it we are making progress. 


Sometimes it is hard for us to see this progress. As when a train moves slowly it is often difficult for the passenger to notice it moving at all so it is with our recording. But looking at what we have done in its entirety we have made massive progress.


Which brings us to the bottom line..


The bottom line is we have some vocal tracks and some guitar left to record and then mixing and mastering to do. Then of course we'll have to manufacture the actual product but at that stage we'll at least have proof of what we've been working on and I suspect we’ll be sneaking some of that out.. with great relief all round I think.


It's been tough doing this and I’m sure it has been tough waiting and we thank you all for bearing with us but the end is in sight!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!



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